A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An experimental game based on the poem Ozymandias by Percy B. Shelley, which explores the concept of "Transience" as portrayed by Sigmund Freud on his essay of the same name.

Each time you play you start at a different part of the map. The goal is to find 6 statues to complete the experience, on average it takes between 10 to 20 minutes.

The version available here for download is Mac / PC. An Oculus DK1 version is available on the Oculus Share website, please note that due to difficulties upgrading to the DK2 SDK, at the moment it is not available for that version.

How to play:

  • Look around with mouse.
  • WASD or arrows to move around.
  • Hold shift for sprint.
  • Press "Q" to open/close map.
  • Press "E" to open/close compass.


Created by Alberto Carrillo and Anthony Najjar Simon at Universidad Veritas


In Requiem Mac.zip 134 MB
In Requiem PC.zip 132 MB

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and good to go!